June 9, 2007

Modifieds Stock Cars Late Models
1. 2K Chad Preul
2. 1r Craig Reetz
3. 14 Matt Bonine
4. 3 Mike Albertsen
5. 92 Jeff Stephens
6. 1 Dave Hulsebus
7. 17p Tim Plowman
8. z62 Dan McKeighan
9. 73 Travis Mewhirter
10. 28 Chase Mewhirter
11. 4m Douglas Wilson
12. 6c Rick Meents
13. 91b BJ Bruck
14. 17 Steve Reetz
15. 34 James Showers
16. 77 Dustin Jarillo
17. 2r Dale Ransom
18. 78 Jeff Anderson


1. 92b Brian Blessington
2. 19b Tim Bengard
3. zr1 Ryan Webb
4. 85 Dustin Smith
5. 76 Trent Partridge
6. 37x Rick Christensen
7. 7 Clay Christian
8. 26 Bill Reetz
9. 13 Louie Ring
10. 35 Donovan Smith
11. p42 Dave Plowman
12. 38 Josh Filmer
13. 01u Chris Ullrich
14. z06 Jesy Webb
15. 29 Tanner Partridge
16. 10x Keith Knop
1. 5s Jeff Segebart
2. 1t Vance Tonack
3. 1 Dave Jorgensen
4. 9f Fred Miller
5. 45 Barry Sorensen
6. 33 Don Beckstrom
7. 9 Mark Plowman
8. 17m Phil Miller
9. 14 Kyle Wahlery
10. 11 Randy Faux
Sport Mods Hobby Stocks Sport Compacts:
1. 11 Chad Dills
2. 03k Ken Layton
3. 04j Jay Brannon
4. 0h Scott Plantz
5. 3 Joseph Mefferd
6. 95 Justin Bonney
1. 15 Dale Towne
2. 60 Tanner Powers
3. 17 Ken Hansen
4. 83 Mike Harris
5. 12 Doug Smith
6. 78 Shannon Anderson
7. 81 Devin Smith
8. 68+1 Blain Petersen
9. 22 Jim Lampe
10. 98 Derrick Rohe
11. 2x Chuck Madden
12. 78m Marty McCord
13. 75 Kurt Hansen
14. 45b Craig Brotherton
15. 55 Jason Fusselman
16. 2 Troy Mabbitt
17. 3 Mike Hansen
18. 14x Jared Hansen
19. 29s Chris Shannol
20. 14c Joseph Cartier
21. 77jx Shawn Chapman
1. 37 Vince Trometer
2. 87 Taylor Griffin
3. 5r Terry Romick
4. 84 Willy Muhr
5. 68 Daniel Mefferd
6. 22d Shane Jorgensen
7. 55 Bryan Smith
8. 22x Colby McIntosh
9. 26 Andrew Hicks
10. 44 Dylan Petersen
11. 3c Cody Klein
12. 84s Brock Knapp
13. b00 Bayley Nicholl
14. 2 Corey Madden


HARLAN, IA (June 9). After a couple of weeks off of racing, courtesy of Mother Nature, the action at Shelby County Speedway was back in full force! Over 1100 spectators watched a field of 84 cars bump, spin, and grind their way in an effort to reach victory lane. Even intermission wasn’t restful – trike races were held with Christian Stephens winning the boy division and Chloe Miller winning the girl division. Thanks to our sponsor for the evening races, CON-e-CO out of Blair, Nebraska and Audubon, Iowa.

Black Betty played over the speakers as the Sport Compacts took to the track. The race went from green to checker with car #37 of Vince Trometer taking the win. This was his first night of racing at Shelby County Speedway, with a car that had a for sale sign on the rear window. Trometer joked in his victory speech that the price of the car just went up.

A field of 21 cars for the hobby feature took to the track, with the song “Wild Thing” playing in the background. This was apropos, as with the previous weeks of racing, this class starts off fast and furious and continues this way to the checker. Lap 1 saw four-wide racing in the corners with battles going on for lead between Blaine Petersen, Dale Towne, Tanner Powers, Mike Harris, and Ken Hansen. With 7 laps left to go, Towne (#15) went high and made a pass on the outside lane to become leader. Once in the front, Towne was able to pull away and have some cushion between him and the rest of the pack. Powers and Hansen kept battling for 2nd place, with Powers winning the battle crossing the finish line. Doug Smith made his way towards the front of the pack and finished in 5th place for the evening. Hansen and Harris settled for 2nd and 3rd, respectively.

The Sport Mods put on an almost opposite show to the hobbies. Chad Dills, in the #11 car, was able to pull away from the very start and turned it into a commanding lead. Jay Brannon (#04j), Scott Plantz (#OH), and Justin Bonney (#95) were battling for 2nd place. Dills was at least ˝ track ahead of everyone else, so the only hope of catching him was to have a caution. With three laps to go, Brannon spun coming out of turn 4 and stalled his car. He lost his 2nd place position and had to restart at the rear of the pack. Would someone be able to tame the #11 car? Upon restart, Dills showed his car remained stronger than the others, and pulled away to another commanding lead to finish the race in 1st place. Ken Layton (#03k) finished 2nd, and Brannon was able to move forward through the pack and finish 3rd.

The stock cars rolled onto the track to “Rock You Like a Hurricane”. This class also lived up to the hype of the intro music. Four wide racing started it off in turn 1 with #38 of Josh Filmer making a smooth move up the center to take the lead. Brian Blessington (#92B), Chris Ullrich (#01U), and Clay Christian (#7) raced hard and three wide for second. The z06 car of Jesy Webb caused the crowd to gasp as he went too high in turn 3 and rode the bank before coming back on the track. Blessington moved up to first place with 10 laps left to go; however, he was competing with 6 other cars trying to make a claim for the lead. With 7 cars trying to be in the same spot, something had to give and the #35 of Donovan Smith was pushed up into the wall on the front straightaway setting off a shower of sparks. Josh Filmer (#38) and Donovan Smith had to come into the pits with flat tires after this exchange and the caution came out. Chris Ullrich went into pit row at this caution and had to be pushed back to his trailer ending his night early. The restart had Blessington, Ryan Webb, Tim Bengard, Clay Christian, and Trent Partridge jockeying for the lead. Blessington was barely holding the lead with 4 laps to go. When the white flag was thrown, the cars were racing three wide in the corners for the lead. Blessington managed to hold onto his thin lead to win the race. Bengard was 2nd followed by Webb, Dustin Smith, and Partridge very, very closely behind.

The Late Models followed next. Jeff Segebart, who spun out in the heat race to relinquish his lead, started off strong and was determined not to make the same mistake twice. He lead from green to checker, as there were no cautions thrown to give anyone else a chance to catch up. It was an interesting night with the late models, as the cars split into 2 distinct packs. The front pack, lead by the 5S of Segebart, had Vance Tonack (#1t), Dave Jorgensen (#1), Fred Miller (#9F), and Barry Sorensen (#45). The back pack had Don Beckstrom (#33), Mark Plowman (#9), Phil Miller (#17M), Kyle Wahlery (#14), and Randy Faux (#11). Nobody was really able to gain on anyone and most of the laps went by as single-file racing. With three laps left, Segebart started catching the back of the pack for lap traffic, but he had such a commanding lead that there wasn’t enough time even with the slower traffic for anyone to catch Segebart. The last few laps had Fast Freddy Miller and Barry, The Colt 45, Sorensen battling for 4th and 5th, with F. Miller crossing the finish line before Sorensen.

The modified race finished off the evening with excitement that had the crowd standing on their feet at the end determined not to miss a moment. A caution came out early with 16 laps to go with BJ Bruck (#91) in the lead for restart followed by Dave Hulsebus (#1), Mike Albertsen (#3), Craig Reetz (#1R), Rick Meents (#6C) and Chad Preul (#2K). Reetz took advantage of the restart and with a smooth move, became 2nd place behind Bruck. With 13 laps to go, the #14 car of Matt Bonine skirted along the front straightaway wall with a huge trail of sparks in his wake, but was able to keep going through turn 1 with no damage. Bruck and Reetz battled back and forth for 1st place with Reetz catching up to Bruck on the backstretch and Bruck pulling away on the front stretch. With 8 laps left to go, Reetz was able to get the lead and hold onto it. The next lap had James Showers (#34) spinning into turn 1 bringing out the caution flag. Now Reetz and Bruck were back together again, with Preul waiting in the wings as well. The flag was thrown and Reetz retained his lead, barely, and raced hard with Bruck. The Z62 car of Dan McKeighan spun in turns 1 and 2 bringing out the caution with 5 laps left to go. The #91 car of Bruck was asked to stop in turns 3 and 4 and a race official went to look under his car. The crowd was wondering what the problem was, until Bruck was allowed to resume. When he started down the front stretch under caution, sparks were coming out of the rear of his car. When the flag was thrown, sparks were flying once again figuratively and literally as Reetz and Bruck battled it out and the firework show behind Bruck’s car was just getting bigger and bigger. With the crowd on their feet, the officials threw the black flag at Bruck. Because Bruck wouldn’t leave the track, a caution was thrown but by this time, Bruck had gone into the pits with a glow behind him. The fire team met up with his car and everyone was safe. Now with only green, white, checker to go, it looked like Reetz would have shot at winning now that Bruck was off his tail. But Chad Preul had different plans and battled Reetz for 1st, passing on the backstretch and taking the checker for the evening. What was unique about this win is that the #2K car is fueled with 99% ethanol. Since Preul proved the fuel is competitive, maybe we’ll see more cars running with ethanol next week.

Looking for a present for Dad for Father’s Day? Celebrate a day early and bring him to the races at Shelby County Speedway! Racing takes place every Saturday, with gates opening at 5 pm, hot laps at 6:30 pm, racing at 7:00 pm. Mom’s did it for Mother’s Day – now it’s your turn Dad. Intermission will be a Tug-Of-War of dads versus kids with a twist you can’t miss!

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